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Video: Programmable self-assembly in a thousand-robot swarm.


Baxter is an (almost) affordable industrial robot.

Rethink Robotics industrial robot is notable for being only US$25,000, which is pretty surprising for an industrial robot.

Video: Jibo, the family robot.

Jibo’s makers claim it’s the ‘World’s first family robot’. The device sits on a table or bench, and uses two high resolution cameras, 360 degree microphones, and an HD touchscreen to recognise faces, take photos, tell stories, deliver hands free messages, and more.

What’s really striking about the device though is it’s movement - it looks like a cute cousin of Wall-E straight out of a Pixar movie. According to the team, it’s from their “ deep expertise in animation and social robotics with Huge Design’s stellar talent in sophisticated and cutting-edge industrial design” - check it out in the video above.

Jibo has just passed US$1,000,000 and is still taking pre-orders. They don’t expect to ship the first units until December 2015, although that’s still ahead of a planned public release in 2016.

Check out the Jibo Indiegogo page here.

Robotic device gives users extra fingers


A robotic device developed at MIT mimics the movements of a users hand, essentially giving them two extra fingers. 

Video: Bio-Bots.

University of Illinois researchers have created robots that move using living muscle tissue.

Video: NASA rover roams the underside of frozen lakes.

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory is working on a rover that can be inserted under an ice sheet, before using its buoyancy to enable it to be driven untethered underwater, using the underside of the ice for traction.

One day such a system could be used on the surface of Jupiter’s moon Europa, but for now it’s being tested in Alaska, measuring salt content and temperature of the water there.

Video: Graffiti drone.

This creation by graffiti artist KATSU is currently operated by remote control, but with plans to make the design open source, I wonder how long it will be before someone figures out a way to have it operating autonomously.